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You can interact with the uChoose Wokingham website in many ways and provide local people with information about your business or organisation, events that you are holding or job opportunities you have available.  

Please select any of the options below.

Option Listings
Add the details of your business or organisation to our comprehensive local Directory so that our viewers can contact you. A basic listing is free of charge. Please check that we have not added your business or organisation already (click Directory).
Add a new Listing
View / Update a Listing that you have previously added to the Directory. Select this option if you want to change the information on any of your listings.
View and Update your Listings

Option Events
You may add as many Events in Wokingham as you wish for FREE. Publicise your events for everyone in the local area to see and get more people coming to them.
Add a new Event
View / Update one of your existing Events. Select this option to make changes to an existing event. If you want to add an event which is similar to one you have added before, select this option and copy one of your previous events.
View and Update your Events

Options Job Vacancies

Add a Job Vacancy for FREE. Job Vacancies can be added by businesses, organisations or private individuals provided the vacancy is in Wokingham.
Add a new Job Vacancy
View / Update one of your existing Job Vacancies listed on the website, or copy one of your existing Job Vacancies to add a new Job Vacancy for FREE.
View and Update your Job Vacancies

Option News
Submit a News item. You can submit your own news items related to the local area.
Submit a News item
View / Update one of your existing News Items listed on the website, or copy one of your existing News Items to add a new News Item for FREE.
View your News items

Option Register
Please register if you would like to receive regular updates about things happening in your local area or if you wish to add and update your own entries on Choose Wokingham.
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